Hi, I’m Sam

nametag-samgloverRather than juggle several business cards, I just have one that leads here, where you can find out all about me.

If you just want to get in touch with me, my contact information is a short click away. You can also find me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Flickr.

What I do for money

I am a lawyer and a writer. If you want all the details, here is my CV.



Lawyerist, a blog I started in 2007, began as a place for me to rant about bad legal software. It has since grown into a healthy business, and my day job.

Lawyerist now includes a forum for lawyers and a network of law blogs and law firm websites.


I have litigated consumer issues in state and federal court in Minnesota, and I have represented small businesses. Now, I handle appeals and motion practice for individuals and in consultation with other lawyers.

What I do for service


HOME-Line-logoI have served on the HOME Line board of directors since July 2008, and took on the role of President of the board in January 2014. I have been involved with HOME Line since I was in law school.

Volunteer Lawyers Network

volunteer-lawyers-network-logoI joined the Volunteer Lawyers Network board of directors in June 2010, after volunteering with VLN for years. At one point, I helped VLN design and implement a debt buyer clinic for consumers that was later integrated into VLN’s other clinics. In 2011, VLN even named me its Volunteer of the Year.

What I look like

If you are curious, or if you are hoping to recognize me when we meet for coffee instead of wandering around asking people if they are meeting someone from the Internet, here is what I look like with a suit on (well, what I looked like with a suit on a few years ago):

Me in a suit in 2008

(Actually, I rarely wear a suit, so this picture may not be all that helpful.)