Tuesday night, I launched a refreshed HOME Line website. HOME Line is a non-profit tenant advocacy organization that “provides free and low-cost legal, organizing, education, and advocacy services” to Minnesota tenants. I have been involved with home line for nearly a decade, and I am a member its board of directors.

The number of people who visit HOME Line’s website for help has been steadily increasing, and we decided to renovate the look and feel to help visitors get to the information they need faster. Now that the visual renovation is complete, I will be working with HOME Line to reorganize and consolidate the content and streamline the navigation.

The website is WordPress + Thesis.

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Sam Glover is the founder of Lawyerist.com, and likes to skateboard.

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  1. The Security Certificate for the HomelineMN site has been revoked. As a government entity, the City of Minneapolis is very security conscious. We prefer not to access websites that are considered insecure. Please consider updating your certificate.

    1. Thanks, Becky.

      HOME Line is working on securing its website with SSL/HTTPS by default, but is running into some issues. I’m helping the folks at HOME Line get it sorted out, and so is HOME Line’s hosting provider. In the meantime you may see a few errors.

      The errors do not mean you are in any danger when visiting HOME Line’s website. We just need to track down a few resources and ensure they are also being served over HTTPS.

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