Its user interface may be getting long in the tooth (don’t worry, a major UI overhaul is coming soon), but Remember the Milk is still the best task manager out there as far as I am concerned. And its powerful Smart Lists feature makes it easy to use Remember the Milk to track your most important tasks.

Just copy and paste this into the search field:


Then save the search as a Smart List called _MITs (the underscore just sorts the list to the top, so you can leave it out if you like). Now anything you give priority 1 (select a task and hit the 1 key to give it priority 1; use the 4 key to remove priority from a task) will show up on your _MITs Smart List. You might want to set this as your default list.

You could also modify the search to include anything that is overdue or due today, since those are probably Most-Important Tasks, too.

priority:1 OR dueBefore:tomorrow

(If you have things that are overdue but aren’t Most-Important Tasks, then you might want to rethink the way you use due dates on your tasks.)

You can do a lot more with Smart Lists in Remember the Milk. Use the advanced-search reference to see what else you can do. Here are a few that I use:

  • dueBefore:tomorrow returns a list of tasks due today or overdue. I call this list Due Now.
  • NOT due:never AND NOT dueBefore:tomorrow returns every task with a due date except tasks due today or overdue. I call this list Later.
  • dueWithin:"10 days of today" returns a list of tasks due in the next 10 days, which is helpful for work planning. I call this list Next 10 Days.

If you have Remember the Milk tips and tricks, please share them in the comments.

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