These are the Minneapolis coffee shops where you can usually find me during coffice hours. All of them are excellent places to order plain espresso and espresso drinks, and some of them are also good places to sit and work.

Five Watt Coffee

You’ll most often find me at Five Watt Coffee, where the espresso is good and the artistic espresso drinks are great. The wi-fi is fast and reliable, the background music is good, and the tables are almost always full, all of which makes for a pleasant and productive coffice.



Blue Ox Coffee Co.

The Blue Ox Coffee Co. quietly makes outstanding espresso on the corner of 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis. It’s well worth a visit for some of the best, most carefully-prepared espresso in Minneapolis. It’s also a nice, friendly place to get some work done. You’ll usually find me

Note: 38th and Chicago is a bit sketchy after dark; visit in the daytime if the street scene makes you nervous.

Dogwood Coffee Co.

I have consistently had the best Minneapolis espresso at the Dogwood Coffee Co.’s coffee bars. If it’s reliably fantastic espresso you want, go to Dogwood.

There are now two locations in addition to the original in Calhoun Square. Now you can get your espresso fix on East Lake Street and in the North Loop, too. All three locations are great for socializing, but less conducive to working.



The Angry Catfish is a combination coffee shop and bicycle store where the baristas take their espresso seriously. Order an espresso drink and watch the barista’s obsessive attention to detail while you wait. Or browse the racks for cycling gear, but watch out for the surly hipster biker staff.

Not a great place to get work done because there are few tables and plenty of shoppers, but a unique place for networking meetings.


Bull Run Coffee has excellent espresso, and it’s also my favorite place to buy coffee beans for Aeropress brewing at home. In addition to the original location on Lyndale, Bull Run now has a coffee bar at 43rd and Nicollet (the old Anodyne Coffeehouse), and both locations are excellent places to work.



The Cubano is in the gray area between espresso and espresso drinks, but since the only things added are cinnamon and sugar, I’m letting it in. Plus, a double Cubano, sweetened, from Victor’s 1959 Cafe is one of my favorite things to drink at one of my favorite places to eat.

Sure, the espresso comes from a pod, but I still love it, especially on sunny mornings outside on the patio.

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