Law Firm Web Design & Development

I help law firms build client-centered websites and web-based tools.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress W logotype

I build plugins that enhance websites built on WordPress, like Client Power Tools and the Little Free Archive Freshener.

Girl Skate Cos.

A directory of woman-owned skateboard brands, plus occasional reviews and tips.


A free web app for keeping track of your most important tasks.


Caveat Emptor: Error 404 Not Found

An obituary for a blog.

All 29 Books I Read in 2020

All 29 books I read in 2020, including highlights and disappointments.

Moving on from Lawyerist

I'm eager for new challenges after 13 years of Lawyerist.

A Simple Networking Tickler System

A simple system that helps you keep track of who you know and prompts you to connect or follow up.

Should You Start a (Legal) Podcast?

So you want to start a podcast. Or maybe you heard it's a good idea and you are wondering if you should take it seriously.

How to Prepare for Oral Argument

How to get away from your outline and use a more "modular" approach to oral argument.

A picture of the The Governor cocktail.

“The Governor,” a Cocktail for Erin Murphy

“The Governor” is basically a ginger Old Fashioned. Ginger like Erin. Also like Erin, it is quite strong.

MinneBar: Tips for First-Time Attendees

If this will be your first MinneBar, here are a few tips to make for a great experience.

Update Your Copyright Notice Automatically

Copy-and-paste code for any website.

Basic Winter Camping Checklist

What to take on your first winter camping trip.