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The WordPress Plugins I Use on Every Website I Build

WordPress plugins make it easy to change your website in practically infinite ways. Plugins are one of the things that make WordPress so powerful. But if you have too many plugins—or just one wrong plugin—it can slow down your website or even break it entirely.


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Client Power Tools

A free client portal for WordPress websites, built for lawyers, independent contractors, consultants, and other professionals.

Girl Skate Cos. Header

Girl Skate Cos.

A directory of woman-owned skateboard brands, plus occasional reviews and tips.

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Bite-Size Book Reviews

Short book reviews from a serious book worm. (Me.) Visit if you like science fiction, fantasy, and history and want to find something good to read.

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A free web app for keeping track of your most important tasks.

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Little Free Archive Freshener

The Little Free Archive Freshener plugin for WordPress is an editorial and SEO tool that helps you keep your evergreen posts and pages fresh.

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All 65 Books I Read in 2021

I don't think I've read this much since I was in junior high, when I would surreptitiously read books hidden in my lap instead of paying attention in class.

A drawing of robot arms.

The Best Music I Made in 2021

Of the music I made in 2021 (and the end of 2020), here are my favorite tracks. You can download the full album or stream it right here.

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