A2J Ventures, founded by Natalie Knowlton, Zack DeMeola, and Chase Hertel, offers consulting and subject-matter expertise to access-to-justice startups. Special areas of focus include restrictions on legal innovation, like unauthorized practice of law regulations and limitations on fee sharing and co-ownership of law firms. A2J Ventures helps startups navigate the legal regulatory terrain while advocating and organizing for legal regulatory change.

Design Inspiration

When Natalie and Zack asked me to help them get their website up and running, they had a simple placeholder website on Wix with a logo Natalie whipped up from clip art. It was a good-enough logo, but it didn’t suit the colors they had in mind, and it wasn’t built to scale up or down.

And since there wasn’t really an existing website, we started from scratch. We took inspiration from a variety of sources, including modern art, some sketches, and a fabulous pair of Louboutin pumps.

Mood Board for A2J Ventures

The resulting logo and website convey the intersection between the staid legal profession and the forward-looking A2J Ventures.

Access to Justice Ventures calls to action

Future Plans

A2J Ventures is newly launched, and Natalie and her co-founders have big plans to help access-to-justice innovators take advantage of their deep well of knowledge. I built them a solid website foundation so it can grow along with those big plans.

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