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Access to Justice Ventures

The resulting logo and website convey the intersection between the staid legal profession and the forward-looking A2J Ventures.

The WordPress Plugins I Use on Every Website I Build

WordPress plugins make it easy to change your website in practically infinite ways. Plugins are one of the things that make WordPress so powerful. But if you have too many plugins—or just one wrong plugin—it can slow down your website or even break it entirely.


From 2007–2020 I did nearly all the web development and design on Lawyerist myself.

The Law Practice Exchange

Helping the Law Practice Exchange align its website with its long-term business goals.

Screenshot of the City of Skate website

City of Skate

Revitalizing a skateboarding non-profit's web presence.

Cooper Law home page

Cooper Law

Intake workflow automation for a Social Security Disability and family law firm.

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