Skateboarding: the Olympic Sport that is a Public Nuisance in Minneapolis

In 1984 the city council found that “skateboard ramps or similar structures used for skateboarding” are too noisy, too busy, too ugly, too dangerous, too annoying, and make neighbors feel “insecure.”

Weekly Work Planning Template screenshot

Weekly Work Planning Template

Sometimes a simple, pen-and-paper project management system is best.

All 65 Books I Read in 2021

I don't think I've read this much since I was in junior high, when I would surreptitiously read books hidden in my lap instead of paying attention in class.

A drawing of robot arms.

The Best Music I Made in 2021

Of the music I made in 2021 (and the end of 2020), here are my favorite tracks. You can download the full album or stream it right here.

Caveat Emptor: Error 404 Not Found

An obituary for a blog.

All 29 Books I Read in 2020

All 29 books I read in 2020, including highlights and disappointments.

Moving on from Lawyerist

I'm eager for new challenges after 13 years of Lawyerist.

A Simple Networking Tickler System

A simple system that helps you keep track of who you know and prompts you to connect or follow up.

Should You Start a (Legal) Podcast?

So you want to start a podcast. Or maybe you heard it's a good idea and you are wondering if you should take it seriously.

How to Prepare for Oral Argument

How to get away from your outline and use a more "modular" approach to oral argument.