InFocus Family Law Firm is a family-owned, client-centered law firm in Orlando, Florida. I’ve known the owner, Lori Carr, and her husband, Tim Carr, for several years through Lawyerist Lab. They contacted me about updating InFocus’s website last year. It wasn’t a bad website, but it was starting to look dated and they wanted a fresh look.

This is what the website looked like before we started:

Screenshot of the InFocus Family Law Firm website before it was redesigned

InFocus’s website needed a visual update. It also didn’t serve Lori and Tim’s goal for the site—to highlight the firm’s three primary offerings: (1) legal representation, (2) the Pursue Happiness® program for people involved in a divorce, and (3) free family law resources.

Usually it’s best to highlight a single call to action, but people come to InFocus’s website for all three of those reasons, and Lori and Tim wanted to make it easy for visitors to accomplish any of those goals.

While we were talking about the redesign Tim told me the bright colors from their logo are a key part of the firm’s brand identity and they always use them in marketing communications. So we decided to feature each call to action in a big block of color.

InFocus Family Law Firm redesign

Lori and Brandon had just done a professional photo shoot so I had great new profile photos to work with.

Screenshot of the InFocus Family Law Firm website after it was redesigned

The focus of the redesign was on making a great first impression with the home page, plus ensuring the site would be ready for some of the features on the firm’s development roadmap. (Other pages received a lighter touch, at least for now.) So we also did some work focusing and clarifying the messaging. After the calls to action, we focused the tagline on the firm’s core philosophy: “Client-Centered & Family-Focused.”

Here is the finished home page:

Screenshot of the InFocus Family Law Firm website after it was redesigned

Finally, speed is always a key consideration, so I did a lot of work on the back end to make sure the website loads as fast as possible. Here is the GTmetrix analysis after the redesign:

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