Trautmann Martin, owned by Simon Trautmann and Graham Martin, is a small, growing law firm for businesses, non-profits, real estate, litigation, and estate planning. The firm had a DIY SquareSpace website that looked great, but it was time to graduate from SquareSpace to WordPress and get help with the website’s design and maintenance.

Since SquareSpace themes don’t work on WordPress, moving a site from SquareSpace means manually replicating the design in a WordPress theme. And as I do that, I update the look and feel, making sure the design elements work on the new site. So, like when I moved City of Skate from SquareSpace to WordPress, the result is fresh but familiar.

One of the main benefits of moving to WordPress is speed. Even with big images, a Weglot translation script for Somali versions of the pages and a Kenect chat widget, Trautmann Martin’s new website loads in well under a second and gets excellent ratings from Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Trautmann Martin’s future plans include a client portal powered by Client Power Tools, and fresh images across the site to showcase its growing practice.

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