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I help businesses build strategic, innovative websites. Here are some examples of my work:


From 2007–2020 I did nearly all the web development and design on Lawyerist myself.

Cooper Law home page

Cooper Law

Intake workflow automation for a Social Security Disability and family law firm.

Should We Work Together?


I collaborate with entrepreneurs who want to maximize the value of their web presence.

This might be your first website and you want to start with a strong foundation. Or you might have a website already but you want to take it to the next level. Either way, you want a strategic partner—someone who can help you translate your business vision, goals, and budget into a development roadmap, then get it done.

If that sounds like you, we should talk.

Design Process


Together we will define your goals and requirements for your project, including:

  • Brand Identity
  • Audience/Ideal Client
  • Key Competitors
  • Calls to Action
  • Colors & Fonts
  • Key Features


Next we will generate and refine ideas, sketches, and wireframes until you are ready to move forward.

During this phase I will also give you an estimate of the development cost and timeline.


Once you have approved the design direction I will get to work!

During development we will check in periodically.


Time to unveil the result!

You can still request revisions, and of course the final go/no-go decision is yours to make.

Once we have finalized the project I will deploy it to your live website.


Websites will usually be built on the WordPress open-source content management system. WordPress is a powerful, flexible foundation for building everything from simple websites to sophisticated web apps. WordPress can also be integrated with lots of other software, such as project management software, CRM software, document assembly software, and more.

For hosting, I use SiteGround managed WordPress hosting. SiteGround includes daily backups, staging, enhanced speed and security, and a free SSL certificate for your website. (If your website is already hosted somewhere else, it can stay there if you prefer.)

Style Notes

I generally design minimalist/brutalist websites with clear typography and bold accent colors—like the one you are looking at now. I favor function over form, and I care about the quality of the underlying code as much as what it produces on the screen. That means I try to build websites that are as fast, efficient, well organized, and user-friendly as possible.

When a client wants something different, I am happy to work with a graphic designer to help the client realize their vision. You can see examples of both in my portfolio and projects—websites I designed, and websites designed by someone else that I worked on.


For most projects the cost depends on the work to be done. If you contact me and describe your project, goals, or the problem you are trying to solve I will do my best to give you a ballpark estimate. Then we can refine that estimate as we move through the design process.

Building or redesigning a website typically starts at about $5,000. For other projects it just depends on the project.

I also offer website hosting for $99 per month. Hosting includes SiteGround managed hosting, select premium WordPress plugin licenses,* email configuration, maintenance, and support.

*Premium plugins currently included in the hosting plan are Advanced Custom Fields Pro and Gravity Forms.

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About Me

Sam Glover

I have been building websites and web-based tools almost since I first got access to a computer in high school. In college I built websites for a European Star Wars convention and a video game startup. I built a website for the outdoor store where I worked evenings and weekends during law school. I built a website for the first law firm I worked for, and when I went to work for a larger firm I started that firm’s blog. Then I built my own firm’s website and blog and started Lawyerist, which I worked on until I left in 2020.

My projects include Girl Skate Cos., the Minnesota Black-Owned Business Directory, City of Skate, and more.

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