Over 13 years ago I started writing about legal technology and law practice on a blog I called SoloSmallTech and later renamed Lawyerist. At first it was an outlet for my thoughts as I was starting my law practice, but as it grew over time it became my full-time job.

Not just a job, of course.

Lawyerist has evolved from a one-person blog into a community of small-firm leaders supporting each other and building amazing, client-centered law practices. I’m extremely proud of what we have accomplished and the positive impact the Lawyerist community is having on each other and on the practice of law. There is lots more to do at Lawyerist, but Lawyerist isn’t my baby any more. It’s all grown up. And with all that has changed I have realized that I am no longer the best person to do the day-to-day work of Lawyerist. Plus, I am feeling eager for a new challenge.

So, it is time for me to step back from Lawyerist.

June 30th, 2020, will be my last day as a Lawyerist employee. And while I will remain a minority owner and help out when and if I’m needed (mainly by filling in on the podcast occasionally), for the first time in 13 years Lawyerist won’t be my day job.

It feels strange, but also exciting.

What’s Next for Lawyerist

Lawyerist is in good hands.

Aaron and I started the company together in 2009. He took over as CEO in 2016 and set Lawyerist on its current path. Stephanie joined us in 2018 and we quickly realized she should be running Lawyerist, not just Insider and Lab, so we promoted her to President and Integrator of the company and brought her on as a co-owner. The Lawyerist community is what it is today mostly because of their leadership, which will continue.

The rest of our growing team—Katie Ryder, Jennifer Whigham, Laura Briggs, Ashley Steckler, Paige Atkins, and Zack Glaser—will continue to do awesome work with the community and our partners, and on marketing and running the company. And we work with great contractors like our writers, Aretha Soderstrom and Cari Twitchell and her team, our podcast editor, Chris Melrose, and our coaches, Maryellen Stockton and Marshall Lichty.

Stephanie and Laura will take over the podcast with some help from Aaron. Lawyerist’s design and development will be managed by Stephanie and delivered by independent contractor partners.

I’m confident this team can guide the Lawyerist community to the next level and beyond. (And it’s not like I’m disappearing. I’ll be at LabCon and I’ll return to the podcast now and then.)

What’s Next for Me

I don’t know what’s next for me, but I feel extremely lucky to have some time to figure it out. I have piles of ideas and I can’t wait to explore whatever opportunities may come my way.

In the short term I plan to support my wife in her new role as Executive Director of Land Stewardship Project, spend time with my kids, volunteer for social justice work, reconnect with friends, skateboard a lot, and work on some of my other projects. But I’m not one to sit still and I’m sure it won’t be long before I find my next thing to add to that list.

If you want to be among the first to know what’s next for me, follow me on Twitter.

P.S. This is what’s next. This, too.

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