Years ago I shared my weekly work planning template on Lawyerist. There is still a version of it in Lawyerist’s Insider Library, and I designed yet another version of it for the Lawyerist Productivity Journal. But I’ve been missing my old, simple template, so I recreated it.

I’m sharing it because I have heard from many people who used the old template. Almost any project management software does more, but sometimes a simple pen-and-paper system is best. I think so, anyway. If you’d like to try it, you can download it here:

I’ve included three versions:

  1. The original, landscape-oriented template.
  2. An alternative, portrait-oriented template based on the version we included in the Lawyerist Productivity Journal.
  3. A two-week compact version that I currently use.

Here is how I use it. I do my work planning at the start of each week. I list all my projects, upcoming dates, tasks, and anything I’ve set aside for later or that I am waiting on. Then, across the top, I write down my priorities or what I intend to focus on each day of the week.

Even though it is kind of tedious copying things from last week’s work plan, I find it is also helpful for staying on top of my projects.

Oh, and if you need more pages, just print extras of the second page.

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